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The 24 hours of creativity at ESMOD Bordeux

About 50 students from ESMOD Bordeaux, broken into 8 teams, are meeting Friday April 30th to design and create fashion items made from recycled materials. Students will be challenged to find and repurpose materials, giving them new life as high-quality, luxury items. After one night of work, their creations will be ready for viewing.

ESMOD Rennes exhibits at Dinard Artwork Gallery

Fashion meets Art in Dinan for the International Fashion Festival. ESMOD Rennes was asked to display some student creations in the Dinard Art Gallery. The inauguration for the festival is Friday, April 20 at 18: 30.

4 esmodian winners at The International Festival of Young Fashion Designers of Dinan

The International Festival of Young Fashion Designers of Dinan was held for the 24th

year this year on April 13th, 14th and 15th, in the presence of many fashion personalities who came to discover the new fashion talents in Womenswear, Menswear and Lingerie.



The students of ESMOD Bordeaux presented their creations in the windows of the St Jean train station in Bordeaux. This could certainly put the smiles back on the faces of all of the passengers during this period of strikes!

Une lauréate esmodienne au concours « Roubaix Ici le Cyclisme »

Roubaix, ville emblématique autour du cyclisme depuis 1896 avec le célèbre Paris Roubaix, sera la ville étape d'arrivée du Tour de France 2018, le 15 juillet prochain. La ville a souhaité faire travailler les étudiants de 1° année d'ESMOD Roubaix sur des imprimés reprenant les valeurs du cyclisme et de la ville. Un imprimé a été sélectionné et décliné sur des T-shirts, sweat-shirts, goodies... Tous ces produits étaient diffusés lors de l’édition 2018 du Paris Roubaix, et le seront également lors de l'arrivée du Tour de France en juillet prochain.

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The Bordeaux Museum of Arts displays ESMOD student's work

As part of its public development policy, the Museum of Fine Arts in Bordeaux is committing for the second consecutive year to a partnership with educational institutions of crafts. This year, a carte blanche is given to ESMOD Bordeaux around an ambitious educational project enhancing the collection of the museum. This exhibition weaves links between the worlds of art and fashion; two worlds that are not very far apart from each other, inviting students to take inspiration from the museum's works to create something new.

ESMOD Lyon recycles fishing nets for " Project Rescue Ocean"

As part of the Project Rescue Ocean, the students of ESMOD Lyon (who worked in pairs: 1st & 2nd year) showed their talent by creating exclusive pieces made with second hand clothes and accessories mixed with fishing nets. It was a very interesting workshop in whichsome amazing clothes were created!

More information about "Project Rescue Ocean"

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