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ESMOD Roubaix showcases its know-how in Saint Quentin

The city of Saint-Quentin was seeking to highlight the know-how of fashion in France. A truly beautiful exhibition was set up, under the supervision of Jean-Luc François, curator of the exhibition.
Esmod Roubaix was asked to participate with the collections of 3 students, graduated in June 2018.
Congratulations to Nathalie Tamwo, Clémence Hannebicq and Hanane Fattouh.
A must-see exhibition
Galerie Saint-Jacques, 14 Street Saddlery - Saint Quentin
Open until May 26, 2019

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The Young Creators contest "Talons Aiguilles X Euralille" awards an esmodian

On Friday, 8th of March, the Young Artists Competition and the Front Row Defile "Euralille x Talons Aiguilles" was held at the Euralille Shopping Center. Philippe Zmirou, president of the Maisons de Mode Lille-Roubaix and director of Esmod Roubaix, and Rio Mavuba, the French football champion who is working for his association "Orphans of Makala" were entrusted with the chairmanship of the jury.

ESMOD Lyon collaborates with YKK at the Premiere Vision salon

From 12th to 14th of February, two first-year students from ESMOD Lyon: Arthur Pretet and Joan Kirch, have done a collaborative work for the YKK stand at the Première Vision textile fair. The project was structured around the creation of a zip print combined with the use of zips on a white sweatshirt.
Their creations will also be exposed at the MilanoUnica fair.

ESMOD France recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication

Communiqué de Presse
Paris, le 2 juin 2014

Par arrêté ministériel du 2 avril 2014,
ESMOD France a été reconnue par le Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication
(Loi n°88-20 du 6 janvier 1988 relative aux enseignements artistiques *).
>>Download the press release<<

Expos review - Panorama of expos 2019 (Febuary 2019)

Panorama of the biggest fashion, textiles, costumes and beauty exhibitions

ESMOD at the forefront of innovation at the Avantex show

From February 11th to 14th, ESMOD exhibited on Avantex Paris Fair, in partnership with Techtera and CETI (European Centre for Innovative Textiles) on the theme of sustainable development and know-how. (Parc des Expositions - Le Bourget)

Creations exposed:
- François Laurendeau - ESMOD Paris, specialization Menswear (2018)
- Lorena Mazo French - ESMOD Lyon, specialization Unisex (2018)
- Cécilia Célébi - ESMOD Paris, specialization Knitwear (2018)
- TECHTERA X ESMOD Lyon (2018) project with PORCHER INDUSTRIES fabrics

ESMOD participates in the First CESUM Session

Although engineering and creation often seem to be from different worlds, today everything becomes more and more intertwined - the Conference of the Higher Schools of Fashion has launched the initiative to bring creation and engineering together for a collaboration, in order to offer an ever more advanced and innovative education in fashion & textile.

ESMOD présents its "Patrimony" Collection

In order to trace the history of the garment (and the costume) from XVIII to XX century, ESMOD has recently assembled a "Legacy" collection for the students, using the personal archives. The presented costumes from the collections of UFAC (French Union of Costume Arts) and Vestiaire de Mireille Tembouret, show the evolution of men’s and women’s clothes, and of the lingerie and accessories as well. A wonderful immersion into the heart of fashion history was complemented by conferences of our specialist Xavier Chaumette, who works with our students in fashion design and fashion business.

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