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ESMOD Berlin launches its short programs

ESMOD Berlin presents FOCUS, a pannel of customized short courses for a large public who wants to discover different aspects of fashion, such as drapping, sketches, textile... FOCUS is a good way to adapt ESMOD training to all needs.

Discover ESMOD Berlin short programs


ESMOD Jakarta has just opened a "pop-up school" in the Kemang district. A small training center dedicated to fashion workshops to highlight ESMOD programs throught adapted offers that helps future students to confirm their choice to follow our graduate programs.

ESMOD International Meeting 2016 in Dubaï

At the begining of the month of November, all the schools of ESMOD network met in Dubaï for a general brainstorming to talk about the events of the year, programs and projects to come. They showed students' works, attended conferences and discovered famous places in Dubaï. This great event finished with the traditional fashion show that presented a selection of the best collection created by ESMOD students all over the world. 

ESMOD Dubaï - exhibition of ESMOD student works

ESMOD Berlin made a fashion show for its graduation 2016

On the 21st of October, took place the sessions of the juries of the end of the year for the ESMOD students of Berlin. A day of discoveries, helpful tips and exchange that were valuable for the young designers to receive their diploma in design and model making. The collections of the graduates of 2016 were exposed through a fashion show at the LOEWE SAAL of Berlin, in front of a crowd of professionals and those that have the passion for fashion.

3 prizes at Mittelmoda Fashion Award 2016 for an ESMOD former student

Le coréen Hocheol Moon, ancien étudiant d’ESMOD Berlin, a remporté 3 prix au Mittelmoda Fashion Award 2016 :

Eastpak Artist Studio - A finalist from ESMOD Kyoto

The famous backpack brand Eastpak launched a design competition among young designers in order to reinterpret their iconic model.
Among the 3 finalists of this challenge, we are taking in consideration Kanako Korin, a student of ESMOD Kyoto which proposes a version insipired by the kimono. You can vote for her model by clicking here ici
The model which gathers the most votes will be produced and commercialized by the brand for the benefit of research against the AIDS.

ESMOD Kuala Lumpur Graduation Show 2016

Last week, students of ESMOD KL showed their final collection to a jury of professionals of the fashion industry. Last step before they start their professional life. Several days later, ESMOD organized its Graduation Fashion Show to present all those collections, divided in two topics "The Cut" and "The Last Supper", to a large public of fashion lovers !

ESMOD Guangzhou - graduation 2016

During the last week of June were held the jurys of ESMOD Guangzhou. Professionals were impressed by the creativity of the students. The collections were presented in a fashion show held at Tiantai Museum, as part of the launching of the exhibition  dedicated to the painter Ling, in the presence of the Genral Consul, Mr Furno.

ESMOD Beyrouth Fashion Show 2016

ESMOD Beyrouth graduation 2016 were presented on June 23rd in front of a large public who came to discover the young lebanese creativity.

ESMOD Istanbul Fashion Show 2016

ESMOD Istanbul organized its graduation 2016 show on June 22nd, with an outdoor catwalk. The public enjoyed the collections of the students who represent the the turkish creativity of tomorrow...

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