Meet ESMOD-ISEM in France throughough the year 2018
15 Feb. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Find our ESMOD & ISEM' schools on differents fairs organised in France throughough the year. Find our open day's date to meet us and discover our places...

Books & Exhibitions revue - February 2018
13 Feb. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | Books & exhibitions


Mode, costume et beauté p. 2
Christian Dior, toujours… p. 10
Textiles p. 15
Bijoux p. 16
Musique et scène p. 17
Art contemporain p. 18

ESMOD Kuala Lumpur presents its class of 2018
06 Feb. 2018ESMOD KUALA LUMPUR | international news

The students from the class of 2018 at ESMOD Kula Lumpur recently had their jury !

ESMOD Lyon reimagines REVOL's work clothes
06 Feb. 2018ESMOD ISEM Lyon | France news

2nd year students at ESMOD Lyon created the future work clothes of the famous manufacturer REVOL, located in Saint Uze. Of the 60 proposals, only 6 were selected by the REVOL team.

ESMOD Guangzhou receives an official visit
30 Jan. 2018ESMOD Guangzhou | international news

January was the month of official visits at ESMOD Guangzhou.

ESMOD Roubaix takes part of the 2nd edition of Anti_Fashion Project
24 Jan. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Roubaix | France news

ESMOD-ISEM Roubaix will take part in the project/competition Anti_Fashion launched by Lidewij Edelkoort, the famous fashion trends expert, Stéphanie Boyer-Calvino and Sébastien Kopp, co-founder of

Esmod will attend Beyond Seeing Project
09 Jan. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

ESMOD Paris joins The Goethe Institut for the project "Beyond Seeing" whose goal is to create fashion for blind people.

6 ESMOD Tunis' alumni re-imagine the little black dress
09 Jan. 2018ESMOD Tunis | France news

Many people attended the event "BLACK DRESS" which was held on December 8th at Mooja Concept Store in Mutuelville.

Meet us at our ESMOD-ISEM France Open-House Days and Student Fair Events in 2018/2019
07 Jan. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Come meet our teams, visit our schools and get informed on our programs and student life during our Student Fair Events and Open-House Days, the first step for you to develop your creativity, techn

ESMOD Paris attended Porto ModaPortugal Festival 2017
21 Dec. 2017ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news


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