ESMOD Guangzhou makes the show with its class of 2018
10 Jul. 2018ESMOD Guangzhou | international news

On June 28th, ESMOD Guangzhou presented the fruits of their graduating class’ labor in front of industry professionals.

ESMOD Tunis & ESMOD Sousse teams up to present their class of 2018
09 Jul. 2018ESMOD Tunis | France news

On June 26th, 2018, ESMOD Tunis and ESMOD Sousse teamed up and put student creations on stage during a fashion show at the Laico Hotel in Tunisia.

ESMOD Beyrouth fashion show - class of 2018
09 Jul. 2018ESMOD BEIRUT | international news

June 20th, the graduation class of 2018 showcased their enormous talent during a big fashion show held at St. Joseph University.

Summer vacation is the perfect time to prepare your studies in Fashion through ESMOD-ISEM network
04 Jul. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

ESMOD wishes you a great vacation!
The summer is here and each of our schools are preparing to welcome students for the coming fall.

ESMOD Rennes mixes Fashion with "Happiness"
04 Jul. 2018ESMOD Rennes | France news

On June 25th, ESMOD Rennes put the fruits of their students labor on stage at La Halle Martenot.

ESMOD Bordeaux presents its fashion show at "La Faïencerie"
04 Jul. 2018ESMOD Bordeaux | France news

ESMOD Bordeaux’s fantastic year came to a close on June 26th was a colorful burlesque cabaret themed fashion show at the Faïencerie.

ESMOD Paris on stage with its class of 2018
04 Jul. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

On June 27th at 19h, the collections of the graduating class of 2018 were showcased in a fashion show at the prestigious Champs Elysées Theater located on Montainge Avenue.

ESMOD Paris on the cutting edge of innovation with LEE
18 Jun. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

ESMOD Paris, in partnership with Lee Body Optics and the American VF Corps invited 2nd year students to come up with designs using laser cutting for the LEE brand.

The ESMOD Lyon Class of 2018 finally graduated
18 Jun. 2018ESMOD ISEM Lyon | France news

Last Thursday, June 14th, the 3rd year students of EMOD Lyon presented their collections in front of a panel of industry professionals presided over by Elisabeth de Senneville, an expert in textile

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