Meet ESMOD FRANCE on virtual education fairs and open campus Online
23 Nov. 2020ESMOD Paris | France news

Face à la crise sanitaire, les salons de l'éducation ainsi que nos écoles s'adaptent afin d'offrir un format accessible à tous grâce au digital.

COVID 19: New Measures for Higher Education Institutions
02 Nov. 2020ESMOD Paris | France news

Open Campus days ESMOD France – 2020-21
23 Oct. 2020ESMOD Paris | France news

Come to our schools in France and meet our teams and students during our open campus days in 2020-21
ESMOD Paris 9, Paris Pantin, Rennes, Roubaix, Bordeaux, Lyon

Back to School in 2020, adapted to a new reality
04 Sep. 2020ESMOD Paris | France news

In order to enable its students to start the new school year in the best possible conditions, ESMOD has adapted its curriculum by mixing in-person and remote courses, while maintaining a high degre

Back to School Schedule 2020
03 Aug. 2020ESMOD Paris | France news

After a year marked by extraordinary events, it is time to think about the start of school and the return of our students to our different schools in France.

The 7th edition of the I-Skool Denim Talent Awards competition primes 2 Esmodians
28 Jul. 2020ESMOD SEOUL | international news

The 7th annual ISKO I-SKOOL Denim Awards announced the award winners on July 22.

Admissions to ESMOD extend this summer!
16 Jun. 2020 | France news

It is not too late to register for ESMOD to follow one of our diploma programs in the year 2020-21.

Summer courses become 100% digital for July !
15 May. 2020ESMOD Paris | Admission

In light of the current circumstances and restrictions as a result of the COVID pandemic, we are not able to host students for our usual summer courses in July.

ESMOD at home, but not alone
04 May. 2020ESMOD OSLO | international news

In the current health context, all schools in the ESMOD network have had to close their doors for an indefinite period of time, both in France and abroad.

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