The curriculum lasts 6 months
Open to all students over the age of 17
Certificate of completion from ESMOD

Foundation course in Fashion Design & Business

This program is an in depth introduction to the French Fashion Industry and its cultural and artistic influences. Students will acquire a solid base in art-history, fashion culture, sculpture, fashion design, figure drawing and patternmaking. This 6-month foundation course helps students develop their creative voice and prepares them for the rigors of an art and design program. An optional module of French as a second Language is also available.

  • This program is available in both French and English
  • This multidisciplinary course includes seminars, creative workshops, and offsite visits in Paris.
  • Taught by industry professionals each specialized in various domains in the fashion Industry.

Module Foundation Course

  • Exploring the city of Paris through its architecture, art and fashion history.
  • Artistic techniques
    •  Sketching, sculpture,photography,videos,illustrations, graphic design, color studies.
  • Fashion Design
    • Fashion drawing, style books, portfolio design, color stories, textiles
  • Patternmaking
    • Introduction to 3d draping
    • Introduction to flat patternmaking
  • Fashion Culture
    • Important brands and designers in France and the world 
    • Important trends and forecasting offices
  • Introduction to marketing
    • Evaluate the importance of marketing, underlining brand concept, target audience, product collection, distribution and merchandising for a successful fashion business.
  • Introduction to communication
    • How to make a designer visible and how to talk about the brand?
    • Begin to understand how to organize a powerful communication as well as events to attract consumers to buy a fashion product.

+ French as a foreign Language module (optional)
Throughout the 6 months students are taught French with an additional week of classes in September as a refresher.      
9100 €

  • Written and oral techniques
  • French Fashion Vocabulary

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