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What are the different programs offered at ESMOD ?

The school offers undergraduate and postgraduate program in both  Fashion Design & Creation and Fashion Bu­siness.
Short programs are available for adults and initiates to fashion :

- Introduction to the French fashion – 6 months
- Intensive course Fashion Design & Creation - 1 year
Evening classes : Fashion Design/ Pattern Drafting - 1 year
- Summer courses : Fashion Design/ Pattern Drafting/ Fashion Business - 15 days / 1 month

Is it necessary to have previously studied fashion or drawing or to know how to draw and to sew before entering ESMOD?

To enter the undergraduate program at ESMOD, as the 1st year program is for beginners, it isn’t necessary to have previously studied fashion or drawing. However, it will be required for applicants who wish to enter directly into the 2nd or 3rd year programs. It is also a requirement for the postgraduate pro­grams in Fashion Design & Creation and also includes the presentation of a design portfolio and garments made by the candidate, in order to evaluate and confirm their level.

Do we have to draw or sew to enter ESMOD ?

No, it is quite possible for beginners to start our training in 3 years in Fashion Design and Creation.

Is the Baccalaureat a prerequisite?

The baccalaureat (or the equivalent foreign diploma) is required for the three year un­dergraduate program in Fashion Business at ESMOD Fashion Business. It is highly recommended for the Fashion Design & Creation program in order to obtain the Certification Level II which is an acknowledged diploma in France. In certain cases, for students who have not obtained the baccalaureat diploma, an evaluation will be made of their work and their professional experiences to justify an equivalent level. Students that do not have the baccalaureat diploma will obtain a school diploma without the Certification Level II.

What are the admission conditions?

In order to evaluate your possibility to integrate into one of our programs at ES­MOD, candidates are required to send an application form that includes the fol­lowing documents:
- Page 1 of the registration form duly completed indicating the choice of training.
- A curriculum vitae
- A covering letter
- For the three year program : The report cards from the last two years of high-school or a copy of the baccalaureat diploma with the grades.
- For the postgraduate programs : A copy of your most recent diploma and a letter of recommendation from your employer/university putting forward your professional or university experience.
- For the bilingual/anglophone programs : The supporting documents for your En­glish level (TOEIC, GMAT, education in the English language, exchange programs in foreign countries, the International Baccalaureat, etc.) will be required for students whose mother tongue is not English.
- For students who are not French-speaking : A certificate of registration for a French language course for a minimum of 6 months, that justifies an elementary level in French.

What is the cost of tuition?

The tuition for the three-year undergraduate program is 10 250 € for the academic year 2015-2016. For the postgraduate programs, the tuition is 12 900 €. For the other pro­grams, please consult the different fees on the application form.
Note: these rates are the same for all international students who wish to study at ES­MOD Paris.

Is it possible to obtain scholarship or financial aide to study at ESMOD?

As ESMOD is a private school that does not be­nefit from financial aide from the state and does not have a scholarship fund. However, there are many contests sponsored by our corporate partners whose prizes can help you pay your way through your studies at ESMOD.
However, a privile­ged partnership has been established with several French banks allowing future students to finance their studies through student loans (for more in­formation write to: contact@esmod.com).

Does the school schedule leave enough free time for a part-time job?

While studying at ESMOD, it is difficult to have a part-time job during the week. Howe­ver, it is possible to have periodic jobs during the year or on the weekend.

I am presently studying fashion design at another school, is it possible to transfer my credits to ESMOD? Do i have to present a project?

The French educational system does not allow cre­dits to be transferred from one school to another. Therefore, the possibility of a transfer will be eva­luated according to the presentation of a design portfolio and of garments made in pattern draf­ting.

Do i need a portfolio in order to send my application?

The portfolio is required for all requests to enter directly into the 2nd or 3rd year Fashion Design and Creation programs as well as for the postgraduate Creative Cou­ture programs.

Does ESMOD offer on-campus accommodation?

ESMOD does not have any on-campus accommodation. However, we have very close relationships with several agencies to help you find a place and get settled in. Here are a few websites to get you started:

How much should I expect to spend on rent each month?

On average you should expect anything from 500-900 euros per month for a studio apartment and 800-1200 euros per month for one-bedrooms in Paris.

How do I apply for a student loan in France?

As a foreign student in France, we advise you to research how one acquires a loan in your country of residence before looking into applying for one in France as it is usually much easier. Check with your local banks and local government for student loan programs for studying abroad.

How much should I expect to pay per month for my cost of living?

On average, you should expect to spend about 300 euros per month on groceries, the occasional movie, meal out and transportation!

What do I need to open a bank account?

You will find that most banks have many student deals and advantages that you will benefit from as a student in Paris. To open a bank account, you will need proof of your identity, your student visa, proof that you are a student and proof of address (justificatif domicile). Have a look online for the best deals for each season.

Is there anywhere outside of school I can go to for french lessons on the side?

Depending on your course, french classes are often included in your curriculum. However, if this is not the case, there are plenty of institutions offering inexpensive french classes in Paris for example, the Alliance Française offers french lessons for whatever level you are at.

What is the best way to get around Paris?

There are several ways to use the public transport system in Paris: you can purchase single tickets for the bus, the metro or other suburban trains but you can always purchase a Navigo card and find the right contract for you. We have done a little research and found that the Navigo Imagine R is one of the best options for students as it offers unlimited rides for students under 26 years old for 36 euros per month. Click the link below for more information.

How can I make sure I am covered by the French healthcare system?

Every student at ESMOD is required to be covered by the french healthcare system at a cost of 213 euros per year (fees 2014-2015). Students are only required to provide a check and proof of enrolment and then ESMOD will take care of the rest!

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