Key figures

With over 170 years in existence, ESMOD INTERNATIONAL, a private establishment for higher learning, consolidates its position as “leader of the pack” for the major fashion schools. The numbers prove it.


  • 20 programs accessible to a diverse public
  • 9 specialization sectors offered in design (Women’s Ready-to-Wear, Childrenswear, Menswear, New Luxury Couture, New Traditional Couture, Women’s Knit Ready-to-Wear, Lingerie, Costume Design and Accessories)
  • 10 areas of activity concerning Fashion Business (various fashion sectors, jewelry, cosmetics, accessories, luggage, household linens...)
  • Classes taught in 2 languages (French and English in Paris)


  • 1500 students are registered in 2017-2018 for ESMOD France
  • 500 students in Fashion Business
  • 1000 students in Fashion Design & Creation
  • 400 diplomas are given out, on the average, each year


  • Over 10000 former students throughout the world
  • Upon graduation, a placement range between 85% and 98%
  • Over 500 job offers are received each year
  • Over 1500 internship offers are received each year
  • Over 80% of our partner companies are satisfied by our students’ skill level


  • 20 schools located in 13 countries around the world
  • 50% of students on the Paris campus are foreign
  • 70 different nationalities on the Paris campus

Competitions / partnerships / special events

  • Over 210 ESMOD INTERNATIONAL fashion shows have been held in almost 40 years
  • 20 fashion shows are held worldwide each year
  • ESMOD is one of the 3 French schools selected by the ELLE Foundation
  • Over 30 students won prizes during 2016 in international competitions


  • 8900 companies referenced with almost 24000 professional contacts
  • Approximately 20 company directors are involved in conceiving programs and reflecting on the school’s strategy as well as giving advice on improvement courses


  • 1 CAD room in each building equipped with PC’s which include the newest Adobe programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign …) and Modaris 2D and 3D
  • A computer bank of approximately 200 computers in France
  • 16 printers (4800dpi) in the ESMOD France network
  • 2 interactive whiteboards in Paris and 1 in Roubaix
  • 5 tracers (1 per school)
  • Establishment of 1 print network (to print from iPad, iPhone, students’ own computers…)
  • Reinforced security in the school buildings


All these advantages have improved our rank as one of the top French engineering schools among the lists of general and specialized magazines.

  • The Business Of Fahion "Global Fashion School ranking 2016" : 1st French school > undergraduate programs / 2nd French school > postgraduate programs
  • FASHIONISTA “The Top 25 Fashion Schools In The World" 2016 : 1st French school
  • CEOWORLD "Top 100 Fashion Schools in the world" 2017 : 1st French school
  • Palmarès de l'Etudiant 2015 : « les écoles où les pros ont recruté » 1st out of 8 schools


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