Jobs in the Fashion industry



Fashion designer

A creative designer has the sense of marketing, interprets movements in society and determines the orientation of his collection. He designs the lines and shapes, determines the appropriate colors and fabrics for a creation that is constantly renewed. The fashion designer proposes a general style for his products, then makes the garment with specific details. Realistic and efficient, he combines art with the technical demands of production. Open to new technologies, the fashion designer uses his computer skills for product conception. He is open-minded , curious, aware of all technical , sociological , artistic and cultural innovations so that his product will be in adequation with the consumer demand. The fashion designer also participates in the presentation of the collection to the press and to buyers.
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Trend designer

His work is essentially based on the research and analysis of fashion trends ( future fashion movements ). He determines themes, color ranges , fabrics , product lines and presents them in a trend book.
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Textile designer

The textile designer is the author of original creation destined to industrial reproduction using various supports, surfaces and shapes for fashion and the interior environment . He creates motifs and fabric collections ( prints , embroidery , lace , jacquard , woven-dyed ) . He determines the color ranges and the motif coloration ( color variations) . His approach must be esthetic and technical , his sensivity permitting to create new products and in many cases, to improve manufacturing technics . His work also includes making visual communication supports (design , drawing , layout). 
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Strategic planner / organizer

Fashion designer working in a trend office who plans the launching of a new trend and ensures the delivery at the right time. A professional who must anticipate the near future, analyse the epiphenomenons and highlight the major trends . The strategic planner must have the right idea at the right time, intuition being his strong point.
Pattern drafter
A true master of works , the pattern drafter must interpret the designer's idea into a 3 dimensional shape. He must ensure the link between the creation and the production. His work research consists of making the sample garments including the technical and practical requirements concerning the type of garment from the fabric to the season . According to the characteristics of the garments , the pattern drafter can choose between different work methods ; the first being a manual process involving either flat pattern drafting or draping , the second being with the use of computer skills , an absolute must in the steps from creation to the manufacturing of a garment. The pattern drafter masters the creation through the fittings and final essential alterations . He is also responsible for the collection production follow-up .



Textile buyer

He looks after the supplying of various materials and supplies . In collaboration with the product manager and the fashion designer, he places the fabic orders necessary for the collections. The textile buyer has good fabric knowledge as well as good management skills ( orders , follow-up of the collection calendar , payment of suppliers ... ) . He must have very good knowledge of technical aspects of a product ( fabric weights , threads , printing , fabric finishes ... ). 
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Product manager

The product manager has an important role within the different sectors of the textile apparel network. According to the firm's strategy, he must define , manufacture and sell garment lines to buyers. He must be able to make a quality offer that is in adequation with the market's needs. He watches over the constant commercial performance of his products and is guarantor for their profitability. A product manager acquires the necessary information about the current market and his competitors. He also analyses the sales records. The product manager must have good technical knowledge of the garment. He must be a good team manager, have a sense of analysis, be well organized and have good relational qualities. He should have a good understanding of garments, fashion and its evolution.
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Production manager

In charge of the organization and the productive capacity for a manufacturing unit , the production manager must also determine production objectives ( costs, quality, quantity ). He sets up the production program while considering the ups and downs of each manufacturing service. He manages the production team and determines investment needs. Management qualities , competence in manufacturing methods and logistics are necessary for this position.
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The buyer must find the best product at the best price while respecting the buying strategy determined by the firm's buying director . He establishes buying plans , negociates the prices of finished or manufactured products as well as the delivery delays . He chooses garments according to his clients demands , current fashion trends and the past season's sales results. The buyer is reponsible for the garment quality control as well as forseeing the amount to order. 
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Marketing director

In step with marketing changes and with information obtained through sales experience , the marketing manager must analyse social trends ( consumer needs , behavior , motivation ) and competiton . He establishes the firm's strategy , product politics as well as the label's image . He defines the marketing objectives ( gross profit margin , sales development ... ). He advises , informs and orientates product managers and designers.
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Responsible for the label's image , his product and marketing knowledge as well as the current market trends which enable him to define the structure and merchandising . The merchandiser must have good knowledge of fashion design . He sets up a coherent form of merchandising in a network of stores ( window display , setting up the layout and display of products in the stores , background music ... ). He supervises the creation of all publicity supports for every store.
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Sales director

The sales director works with the marketing director and the product managers . He is in charge of the client follow-up , product development within department stores and retailers. He is responsible for commercial prospecting . He presents the collection at international fashion fairs and in show-rooms . The sales director also collaborates with the development of the collection with information of sales results. 
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Communication director

He develops the firm's communication politics ( sales tools , arguments , fashion fairs, advertising ) and organizes product launching . He works with advertising agencies to determine the promotional campaigns. 
Artistic director
His work is to create or develop a product's or a label's image through a fashion show, an advertising campaign or a television show. 
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Press agent

His goal is to make fashion designers known to the public and to promote their image through specialized magazines . The press agent is in close contact with journalists, a close link between their readers or their public . The press agent is the connection between the fashion firm and the medias, being an important source of information . He also manages the organization of fashion shows ( writing the program , guest list , mailing invitations ... ). 

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