The world’s first and oldest fashion design school with exclusive and patended methods.

ESMOD is inseparable from the name of its founder, Alexis Lavigne, Master Tailor in the Paris of the nineteenth century, who was notably tailor to the Empress Eugénie. He was the inventor of many patented tools still used in sewing, including the model's bust and the tape measure.

Alexis Lavigne's eagerness to turn his innovative know-how into theory led him to write numerous articles on the fashion of his time. He also developed unique cutting methods that were to give rise to the ESMOD Editions. The published works, updated every year, have now become the foundation of ESMOD teaching.

His investment in the transfer of expertise caused him in 1841 to open the first Lavigne cutting courses, ancestors of the ESMOD school, where apprentice tailors would come to train.

Cutting courses in the ESMOD INTERNATIONAL Group

In 1880, on the death of Alexis Lavigne, his daughter, Alice Guerre, took over management of the school and opened it to a new public: young ladies.

As early as 1900, the Guerre-Lavigne school already aspired to export its expertise internationally in order to enrich its methods by making contact with other cultures and crafts.

The 1960s marked a turning point in the tuition provided by the school when the notion of design appeared, playing its part in the evolution of the profession of couturier. In 1976 the École Guerre-Lavigne took the name of ESMOD.

In the late 1980s, fashion shifted towards Marketing. So in 1989, the ESMOD group created ISEM, that bacame ESMOD Fashion Business, the first business school dedicated to fashion, in order to meet new market demands. From its inception, ESMOD Fashion Business has thus had the vocation to train marketing, sales and communication managers.

With the foundation of ESMOD Tokyo in 1984, ESMOD established its international growth strategy with a true desire for coherence not only in its teaching approach but also in cultural diversity. The ESMOD group now consists of 20 schools in 13 countries.
Discover the history of ESMOD and its founder through 4 virtual exhibitions collected together in the WE WEAR CULTURE project initiated by GOOGLE ARTS & CULTURE: https://www.google.com/culturalinstitute/beta/partner/esmod-international
Ever since its creation, ESMOD has published books. ESMOD Publications offers a catalogue of many reference works, in French and English, centred around the methodology of the schools in the ESMOD group and on the culture and history of fashion.
Have a look at our ESMOD publication catalogue on the ESMOD Publications website: www.esmod-editions.com

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