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After successfully presenting their collections in front of judging panels comprised of industry professionals and a special guest from ESMOD Paris, Anne Viallon (ESMOD Paris Administrative Director and International Manager, the 2019 ESMOD Beijing graduating class displayed their works during a final fashion show. ESMOD Beijing had their annual fashion show on July 5th 2019 at Super Honey E, no 1, North Garden in Gaobeidian and showcased the work of 27 students,  of which were graduates. Attendees of this illustrious event included officials from the French Consulate, industry professionals, and other representatives of the fashion industry and media.

 On average, a bird requires 5 days, 120 hours, 7200 minutes to build its nest. An ESMOD student needs 3 years, 26,280 hours, 1,576,800 minutes to fully construct his or her own personal universe.



Little by little, over 42 weeks, 294 days, students work towards capturing the right emotions and finding little details in everyday life, which inspires their creative and innovative minds in order to create over 80 looks, 150 garments that are presented in a 20-minute fashion show.


(from left to right: Chen Hanyu, Liu Xiaoqing, ANNE VIALLON, Sandrine VOUILLON, Nadia HAOUACH, Andréa. GUEROT)


M.Wang Hongmin with her models


3rd year student collections

M.Zhou Yiqi, Vice-Président of the China Fashion Association awarding th Golden Needle prize 

 Mme Zhu Shaofang, Deputy Chairwoman of th China Fashion Designers Association awards the Design Prize

M. Ni Yangsheng, President of the Textile Education Association awards the pattern-making prize


ESMOD Beijing faculty and graduates with Mme VIALLON, Administrative Director and International Manager of Esmod Paris, 


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