COVID 19: New Measures for Higher Education Institutions

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The health crisis linked to the Covid-19 pandemic forced the government to implement new regulations, which have been in effect since October 30th, 2020. Public and private higher education institutions remain open but must conduct all courses online. The exception: practical or technical work requiring specific equipment. In these particular cases, those institutions are able to host 50% of the usual capacity in-person. (Note by the MESRI published in November 2020)
In this difficult time, we would first like to show our support to all our students. They can count on the availability of ESMOD's professors and administrative teams to support them as best as possible in their studies during this period of confinement. 
Our schools, which had already anticipated the implementation of online courses last spring and have since acquired new tools and reformatted content to reinforce remote learning. We are now therefore ready for the digital approach to courses this situation requires in order to offer the best academic experience to our students. 
In regards to ESMOD Fashion Business, all courses will be online until the end of this period of confinement.
However, on the Fashion Design side, according an updated announcement made by the French Prime Minister on October 29th, our courses will remain mostly online, but we are authorized to continue specific technical lessons (technical work, pattern-making corrections, assembly, etc.) in the classroom following strict health standards and with special authorization (mandatory masks, very small groups, physical distance.)
All events scheduled for the public on our campuses are cancelled and will be rescheduled with a new digital format.
This is also the case for our Open Campus days, which will now be held online on the same dates as originally announced (see dates.) Links to connect to these digital events will be published shortly. Other digital events will also be communicated to you throughout the month.
The Student Fairs have also either been cancelled or are converting to a digital format. We will inform you of the dates for which we will be present very shortly. 
Each of our schools and Office of Admissions can be reached at the usual numbers and emails to answer any questions you have and provide information about our courses. 
ESMOD PARIS /+33(0)1 44 83 81 50
ESMOD ROUBAIX /+33(0)3 20 73 38 04
ESMOD LYON / +33 (0)4 78 24 88 39
ESMOD BORDEAUX / +33 (0)5 56 51 34 93
ESMOD RENNES / +33(0)2 99 30 00 98
 To apply for a program at ESMOD, you can do so directly on our digital application platform MyESMOD

We have made every effort to avoid any interruption of our services during this period of confinement in order to ensure not only the continuity of training to our current students, but also to provide information and answers as best we can to any prospective students and families. 

We look forward to seeing you all after this difficult period... we miss you already!
Take care of yourselves

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