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An ESMOD alumni wins Porto ModaPortugal 2018 contest
07 Jan. 2019ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Our freshly graduated student (Program "Creative Director") Zhikai Yang won 2 prizes at Porto ModaProtugal contest 2018 : The prize for France and the Grand Prize that put in competition students f

ISEM Paris & Roubaix Class of 2018 has been graduated !
19 Dec. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

On Tuesday December 11th, students from 3rd, 4th and 5th year at ISEM Paris and ISEM Roubaix received their diploma during the graduation ceremony which took place in Pantin, in the presence of the

ESMOD Seoul class of 2018 reveived their diploma
17 Dec. 2018ESMOD SEOUL | international news

ESMOD seoul's students enjoyed receiving their diploma on December 13th after the presentation of their collection during the traditional graduation fashion show which was held in front of professi

ESMOD-ISEM on the top of the global fashion schools rankings
11 Dec. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

The asian magazine Wardrobe Trends Fashion  have just given ESMOD-ISEM the 6th p

An ESMOD Japan student wins the kobe Fashion Contest 2018
07 Dec. 2018ESMOD TOKYO | international news

La grande finale du Kobe Fashion Contest 2018 s'est tenue le 1er décembre dernier.

An Esmod alumni wins the 1st Prize of Japan Touch Fashion Award 2018
23 Nov. 2018ESMOD/ISEM Paris | France news

Congratulations to Béatrice Barraud (ESMOD Paris - Promotion 2018 - Spécialization Stage Costume) who won the 1st Prize of the

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